Thursday, October 29, 2009

Skilla - Flavorville on Facebook.

Vancouver DJ Legend 'Skilla' has featured my 'Fuck Work' Mix, on his Facebook group 'Flavorville'.

The mix is available here, but Skilla uploads new mixes Daily to the group, so check it out!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Keeping the Dance Floor Warm...

NOTE: Updated links for smaller file size, and mp3 file now contains track list.

Every once in a while, I am motivated to make a great party mix. These past couple of weeks have been one of those times. This mix starts out with bumpin, bassy club house... About 25 minutes in it grows wings and flows into 30 minutes of Electro heaven. It then finishes up with 2 massive (MASSSSSIVE) tracks. Fuck, I even threw a Deadmau5 track in there. I really think this mix will appeal to casual house fans and the hardcores alike.


Jauce - Kreon
Whole Life - Oxia
Sun Step - Oxia
Analock (TMT Massive Remix) - Saeed Younan
A Lovely Day (Agent Greg Remix) - The House Moguls
The Ride (Kreon Remix) - Spektre
Deal With it (Tigerskin Remix) - Spektre
Shhh.. Dance with me (Kyle Watson Peaktime Remix - Shabb Ruffcut
Bitch Ass Trick - Starkillers
Where is it? (Calvertron Remix) - Blatta & Inesha
Make Me Feel - Santiago and Bushido
Moar Ghosts N Whatever - Deadmau5
Fuck Work (Proper Villains Remix) - Cubic Zirconia
Downpipe - Mark Knight
You Can Be the One (Sultan and Ned Shepard remix) - Late Night Alumni

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hot off the Funski press...

Something a little more chilled out for you to kick back and jam to. Enjoy.


1. Love Is Music / Music Is Love - Strobocop
2. Belvedere (Two Armadillos Remix) - Kiki & Sasse
3. Procuring The Female - Vincent Casanova
4. Mountain - Alex Danilov
5. Curcuma (Milton Jackson Remix) - Mario Da Ragnio
6. Holographic Everything - Vincent Casanova
7. Jump The Gun - Cleon
8. After Eight - Stimming
9. Thirds In Trees - Marc Houle
10. Phey Boom - Christian Burkhardt
11. Amusing - PRT Stacho & Dibro
12. Tasty (Camiel Daamen Remix) - Kolombo & Ante Perry
13. Dont You - Curious George & The Agent
14. Doubledub - Christian Burkhardt
15. Knister Knaster - Monoroom
16. You Have To Dance (Mathias Kaden's Beatpolka Remix) - Noze
17. Dancefloor Ladies - Dirty Culture
18. Handsworth Wood - Patchworks
19. Ebenso - Cleon

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Future of Techno

Artists like this let me know that the genre is staying fresh.